Monday, September 30, 2013

School Journal - Pics from Florida Residency

Hello Peeps!:)  Here are some more pics from the residency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that I promised you guys.  The pic on the top left corner are my friends and classmates at Keiser University.  We are all enrolled in the Psychology PhD program.  And the two pics on the right are me standing by the lake/harbor.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hair Journey - Random Pics

Hi peeps!:)  Here are some random pics that I took with my new hairdo. The photo on the bottom left is a snapshot I took at the beauty salon and the ones on the top and on the bottom right are photos of the final result.

Bio Photo Update

Hi peeps!  I just updated my bio for my blog.  I was torn between these two photos I had for my bio.  But I selected the larger picture to the left.:) I will be posting more updates and my Fall newsletter is coming soon.:)
Here is the link to my updated Bio.  Happy Reading!:-)