Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Curriculum Design, Counseling Theories, & Educational Psychology

I really enjoyed my Curriculum Design class, Counseling Theories,  and  Educational Psychology Courses.  I finished the Curriculum Design Class last semester and now I will be finishing up the educational psychology class within the next few weeks.  I had a chance to apply what I learn into two class projects.  The first class that I have design  is called "Health Information Technology in a Nutshell" and the second class that I designed was a course called  "Developmental Psychopathology: A Transitional Phase from Adolescent to Adulthood".  

I also learned a wealth of information in my Counseling Theories Class .  In this course, I had a chance to learn more about many psychotherapy theories and techniques and how to apply them as a therapist.
I will be posting and creating another Youtube Channel in the near future  which will include some of  my lectures and some of the courses that I have designed under my name, Kimberly Swanson.  With all this acquired knowledge, who knows maybe I will become a professor in the near future! Lol:)