Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thoughts - Clarity

Weekly Thought – This week has been a  an interesting week.  In my life, I am learning the importance of having clarity in your life.  For this month’s theme of my newsletter (Purpoz News),  it has been about staying clear and removing the clutter.  In order to have clarity in your life, you must remove the clutter that often times stands in your way of pursuing your dreams.  Right now I am removing the negative clutter in my life and I have seen a significant change in my life.    When you are clear, you can accomplish more of your goals.
I have completed the free sample e-book, Destiny's Love Affair.    Destiny's Love Affair is one of my more hot, sizzling, contemporary romances.   If you like hot steamy romance with a dash of drama, then you will like Destiny's Love Affair.    I just received the final edits from my editor for this short read.   The free e-book will be available in October.  Destiny's Love Affair is a sneek peek into the the full length version called Wanting Destiny.  Wanting Destiny will be available soon.   Keep checking my blog for further details.  Happy Reading!:-)

Kimberly Purpoz


I have a new urban fantasy that was released in August call Forehadowers:  The Book of Legends (Book 2).  Foreshadowers (Book 2) is now available on on and  Don't foreget to download your free sample on  

I have more books that are in the works and are scheduled for release in the next couple of months.   And there will be some new freebies, give aways, and more promotional discounts coming your way.  Check my blog page for more updates.:-)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Purpoz's Promotions (September 2011)

 Purpoz Fall Sale

Age of Innocence Sale
Age of Innocence is now available in paperback on  Get 25% off instantly when you order.  Enjoy!:)

Age of Innocence E-Book Sale
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Foreshadowers E-Book Sale

Foreshadowers:  The Seeker of Legends (Book 1)

For a limited time, Foreshadowers: The Seeker of Legends is available on Kindle and for download for $.99. Get your copy today.  Happy Reading!:-)

Foreshadowers:  The Book of Legends (Book 2)
Foreshadowers:  The Book of Legends (Book 2) is now available on and!    You can get 20% off with this announcement for my novel Foreshadowers (Book 2) on, just enter the following code: VK38W. Offer expires on October 25, 2011.  Check my blog page for more promotions, freebies, and updates.

Age of Innocence on Kindle -
Age of Innocence on Smashwords -

Foreshadowers:  The Seeker of Legends (Book 1) on Kindle -
Foreshadowers:  The Seeker of Legends (Book 1) on Smashwords -

Foreshadowers:  The Book of Legends on Kindle (Book 2) on Kindle -
Foreshadowers:  The Book of Legends on Kindle (Book 2) on Smashwords -

Friday, September 23, 2011

Character Profile - Clarence "Clay" Walker (Age of Innocence)

Name:  Clarence Walker
Nick name:  Clay
Date of birth:  March 3, 1969
Height:  6’1
Weight:  195
Body Type:  Athletic
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Character’s Role:  Nia’s boyfriend
Occupation:  High School Senior
Character Traits:  Smart, ambitious, popular, outgoing, assertive
Character Flaws:  Follow the crowd, vulnerable to peer pressure
Talent: Writing and Sports
Books Character Appears In:  (The Nia Trilogy – Book 1, Book 2, Book 3)
Here's another Character Profile link for "The Age of Innocence" (Book 1 of The Nia Trilogy). This is the profile link to the character Clay.  Clay is very popular and well liked.  Once you have his heart he will always have your back.  Even though he slips up with the tongue from time to time, he’s definitely a keeper! :-)
        Age Of Innocence Available

Book Trailer:                                             

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Featured Book - Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence is the first book of the Nia Trilogy novel series. An urban classic street lit that foretells a saga of love, passion, hood life, street gangs, sex, violence, money, and power which weaves a web of deception.

Drug Lord, Q, has his eyes on his beautiful stepdaughter, Nia. Nia's beauty and innocence is was what made Q want to draw her into his sinister world of human trafficking. Rachel, Nia’s crack addict mother gets entangled into Q's illegal activities. Rachael witnesses a high profile murder spree; she vanishes with out a trace.

Nia finds the courage to run away and leave the dysfunctional home, but unfortunately she was placed back into the same dilemma by a social services system that failed.

Nia get some support from her high school sweet heart, Clay, but is he really there for her in the long run? Will peer pressure and gun violence ruin Nia and Clay's lives? Will Nia be able to handle these problems that are beyond her age of innocence?

Age of Innocence in now Available @: - -

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Purpoz News (September 2011)

Dear Readers,

Autumn is here, why not enjoy this season with a good book? Fall should be your time for clarity; a time for clearing out the old and making room for the new.  This is what I had to do in my life.   

Are you clear as to which direction you want to take in your life?  Are you content with how things are going in your life? Well if not, I often time say if you don’t like it then fix it. Sitting dormant is not going to get you anywhere.   Why not take action by removing the clutter in your life, such as negative relationships, low self esteem, or lack of self worth; all of these are examples of clutter.  Too much clutter can be a major distraction and can prevent you from reaching your fullest potential.  

It is time to take action!  Drop that clutter and make room for your many blessings!  It is time to be clear!  Are you ready?


Kimberly Purpoz
“My Dreams, My Purpoz, My Books”


Get your Free Sample downloads of all of my novels on!  My motivational book Purpose Lies Within:  A Motivational Book for the Heart & Soul is coming soon.  Check my blog for updates. Foreshadowers: the Seeker of Legends (Book 1) is now available for download for $.99. And Foreshadowers:  The Book of Legends (Book 2) is now available on and is coming soon to!  Happy Reading! :-)

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Character Profile - Nia Chavez (Age of Innocence)

Character Profile:
The Age of Innocence:  (Book1 of the Nia Trilogy Novel Series)

Wiki Profile:

Name:  Nia Yolanda Chavez
Nick name:  Champ
Date of birth:  October 6, 1970
Height:  5’3
Weight:  120
Body Type:  voluptuous
Zodiac Sign:  Libra
Character’s Role:  Main Character
Occupation:  High School Junior (cheerleader, drama club, newspaper/yearbook staff)
Character Traits:  Sweet, fun, caring, outgoing, caring, street smart, wellknown
Character Flaws: Loves to default and vulnerable to peer pressure, sometimes a potty mouth
Talent: Writing and Photography
Books Character Appears In:  (The Nia Trilogy – Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3)
Here's another Character Profile link for "The Age of Innocence" (Book 1 of The Nia Trilogy). This is the profile link to the character Nia! Nia is the main character.  Nia is the queen of drama but she always find a way to prevail! That's why her nick name is the champ because no matter what obstacle you put her way she’s determined to succeed!:-)
Age of Innocence Available in Paperback

Barnes & Noble:

Age Of Innocence Available in E-Book

Book Trailer:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Purpoz Announcements (September 2011)

Age of Innocence

Age of Innocence's  book trailer is featured in Urbania Magazine.



Foreshadowers:  The Seeker of Legends (Book1) trailer was release on  Check it out on the Kimberly Purpoz Channel @


Foreshadowers:  The Book of Legends (Book 2) was released by Messenger Books on August 9, 2011 in e-book on  Foreshadowers (Book 2)  will soon be available on Kindle.  Check back for further updates.


Purpose Lies Within:

Purpose Lies Within:  A Motivational Book for the Heart & Soul is in the middle of edits.  It is coming soon.  Check back for updates.

Purpoz News:
Kimberly Purpoz's 90 Second Interview has been released and can now be seen on The Kimberly Purpoz Channel @

***Need a speaker for your next event? Purpoz has a few spots left on her calendar for speaking engagements for this year. Contact her speakers bureau ( or e-mail her @!:-)

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