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What's up peeps!.  I dedicated this page for my hair dairy.  This page will have my lastest hair styles, product reviews, hair updates, etc.  I hope you all enjoy:).

Fall 2013 Hairstyle:

 Here are my hair styles for this fall.  All of these styles are twist outs.

Summer 2013 Hairstyle:

This is my second time getting my hair texturized.  This time I had my hair pinned up in the back.  The stylist set my hair with rods.  I loved the new look and my hair has really grown.  It is now shoulder length.

Hi peeps!:)  Here are some random pics that I took with my new hairdo. The photo on the bottom left is a snapshot I took at the beauty salon and the ones on the top and on the bottom right are photos of the final result.

Featured Hair Diary Videos:

Published on Nov 1, 2013
Hi peeps.:) This vlog is about how I wash my natural twists.

Products Used
1. The products I used in the Tresemme conditioner for dry hair (moisture rich with Vitamin E)
2. Creme of Nature Shampoo & Condition.

Hair Instructions'

I shampooed my twists with Creme of Nature Shampoo. Then I rinsed. Then I used a generous amount of Tresemme leave in Conditioner evenly distributed through out my hair. I then let me hair dry naturally. At the the end of the video I pulled my hair into a ponytail. If you are interested in a tutorial or have questions, leave your comments below.:)

Here is video I post on my Kimberly Purpoz YouTube Channel @ This is was my first time Texturizing my hair

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