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Kimberly Purpoz's Professional Bio

Kimberly (Swanson) "Purpoz" has been a professional writer and author for several years. Kimberly currently writes under the following pseudonym: Kimberly Purpoz.  She is the author of , "Wanting Destiny ", "Age of Innocence", "Wheathering the Storm", and the upcoming motivational book, "Purpose Lies Within: A Motivational Book for the Heart and Soul." 

Purpoz has a Bachelors degree In Policy Studies Analysis from  Georgia State University.  She earned her Master's  Degree in Psychology from Keiser University.  She is is currently a psychotherapist - counselor and works at a local health agency and the clinical director of Purpoz Counseling & Wellness Center, LLC.  Her areas of specialty is in health, relationships, women's issues, disability issues, anger management, stress, self esteem, and parenting.  Purpoz is an advocate for women issues and  children with developmental disabilities.  Kimberly is now accepting clients for her coaching services. 

Kimberly is a also a researcher, behavioral scientist, and grantwriter.    She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Psychology at Keiser University. Kimberly lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.

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Email:  kpurpoz@gmail.com for more information.  Kimberly is now accepting clients for her coaching services.  Visit Kimberly Swanson's "Purpoz" profile @ Psychology Today to schedule a free initial 30 minute phone consultation or call 404-990-7495.  Already know that you want to hire Kimberly?? Go to Purpoz Counseling & Wellness Center's blog to  pay for a  life coach session.