About Dr. Johnny (Johnnie) Swanson

Dr. Johnnie Swanson (Counselor & Theologian) – Biography

Sept. 29, 1943 – Feb. 6, 2015

Dr. Johnny Swanson  & Eula Swanson
Dr. Johnny Swanson (Counselor & Theologian)
Dr. Johnny Swanson was the oldest child of six siblings in Tuskegee, Alabama from the union of the late Eddie and Estella Swanson.  Johnny attended Macon County Training school in Tuskegee, Alabama.  He graduated from Tuskegee University and was honorably discharged from the Army in 1970. 
Later Johnny moved to  Georgia and worked for the  government as a counselor for over 20 years and later retired.  Dr. Swanson earned a doctorate of Divinity degree from the American Institute of Theology (AIHT). On April 25, 1971, he married Eula Taylor. They were married for 43 years.   From this union two kids were born,  Kimberly Swanson and Jonathan Swanson.  His daughter Kimberly Swanson (Psychotherapist) is continuing his counseling and wellness legacy.
Johnny Swanson was  an author, who battled many health issues.  He has written and published nine books through Possibilities Development Institute and Messenger Publishing.  Writing  and giving workshops was his way of sharing and helping others to conquer their fears.
Books Written by Dr. Johnny Swanson (Available on Amazon.com)
  • Health is Your First Wealth
  • Finding Work During Uncertain Times
  • Stroke!   Conquering the Silent Killer
  • The Six 'Lost' Steps In Mental Mastery
  • Conquer Your Fears and Live Your Dreams
  • How To Create Many Mini Money-Makers
  • Kids are Rich
  • How To Release the Book In You
  • Vinpocetine Unveiled:   Can a Common Flower Heal Our Most Dreaded Diseases?

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