Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wanting Destiny Excerpt

          I reached the housing agency in thirty minutes and I had to find the right building for the meeting.  Parking was another dilemma.  I was literally driving around circles, until I asked someone where to park.  I finally found a spot.  Once I got to the conference room the meeting was already in session, everyone was there on time except for me.  I could feel all eyes on me as I entered the room.  A wave of uneasiness came over me as everyone gaze rested upon me.  I swept my hair behind my ear and glanced down at my desk.
          When I looked up, my gaze landed on this extremely good looking older man.  Our eyes locked in a heightened moment of attraction.  He was tall with olive skin and piercing green eyes.  I could feel his eyes watching my every move.   My skirt showed off my sexy well toned thighs as I crossed my legs.  His stare landed upon my legs. The director paused for a moment to recapture his train of thought. 
          I casually studied his features.   He had salt and pepper hair, with strong jaws, and full lips.  His badge read, “Antonio Feleti.”  I glanced at the paperwork that was handed out during the meeting.  I saw that Antonio was one of the lead directors for the government agency. 
          Antonio’s piercing green eyes bored right into mines as he concluded the meeting.  After dismissal, he began to approach me. I was busy gathering my notebook and paperwork.  I could feel his piecing eyes staring at me and when I looked up our eyes met.
          “Hello.  I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself.  I’m Antonio Feleti.”  He shook my hand and they tingled with his touch.  Antonio searched my face.
          “It is nice to meet you,” I smiled.
          “Nice to meet you too.   I am the director of public housing and I expect my staff to be on time.    But for you I will make an exception.” He beamed.  His smile softened up his strong, powerful demeanor. 
          “I apologize for being late.  I was having car trouble.  I left a message with Ms. Liz, the administrative assistant.”
          “Oh yeah, she told me.  I did get your message before the meeting started.”     Antonio glanced at my soft, full lips.  His eyes bored right into mine.  His phone rang and broke our intense moment of attraction. 
          As he answered his phone, he dropped his pen.  I bent over to pick it up.  As I leaned over, my cleavage showed through my blouse.  I looked up and saw that he was looking at my breasts.  I was about to leave, but Antonio gestured for me to stay as he finished his phone conversation.
          “Oh, Bernard needs my assistance with a compliance issue?  OK, I will be right there.”  Antonio put his phone away.
          “I am looking forward to working with you, Destiny.” He shook my hand and smiled showing off his gorgeous pearly whites.
          “Liz will show you your office and will orientate you.”
          “It was nice meeting you.”  He grinned.
          “The feeling is mutual.” I smiled back.
          As we walked our separate ways, I glanced back and saw that Antonio was checking me out.  I blushed at what had just taken place.