Works In Progress

I am always working on different writing projects and developing story ideas for new novels.  Right Now I have a few Work in Progress:

Writing Projects

 I am currently working on several manuscripts in different genres:

Contemporary Romance:

A Twist of Fate - Right now I am at 20,000 words and this is an interracial romance. This novel is a romantic thriller. I have not decided on rather or not to make this a series or not.  Still working on where I am going to go with this piece and how I want it to end.

Ryan's Melody -  I have about 12,000 words and this is an interracial romance

Untitled Piece -  5,000 words  interracial romance.

Wanting Destiny 2 -  Is in Development stage

Urban Fiction:

Metamorphosis -  This is book 3 of The Nia Trilogy  So far I have about 15,000  words in this manuscript.

Silhouette Chronicles -  This series is development.

The Dec Series - In  Development.  This is an interracial romance/urban fiction

Young Adult:

The Summer of Lost Treasure - This is the first book to the Candace Green Mystery Series - Right now I am at 14,000 words.

Revelations Series - I have two books in development.  I am co-authoring this series with my daughter, Unique Rogers.

A Recipe for the Soul - So far I have 15,000 words.  

 I  will continue to keep you all posted on my progress. Happy Reading !:-)