Friday, June 5, 2015

Updates & Random Summer Pics (2015)

Rockin a new Summer hairdo
with makeup.
What's up peeps?  It is already Summer and so many changes have occurred this season.  I no longer blog for U.S. Career Institute, but I still attend their school.  I finally landed me a job working for the state as a supervised therapist and assessor.  Yey!!!  It seem like my hard work is finally beginning to pay off.   

Sometimes it may seem like your hard work has gone unnoticed  but hang in there  you will eventually reach your goals and fullest potential.  The key is to never give up.  Like my father Dr. Swanson always said,  "Don't drop your bone!"

The following are some random Summer pics:
Au Natural! - Summer hair do, no make up only lip gloss.
Hair styled my daughter, Autumn!:)

Enjoyed my green salad with
a slice of corn bread on the side!
My favorite summer  homemade soup.
The rock of hope in our family garden.

At the gym enjoying the sauna and steam room Ummm
relaxing after a good workout.
Me getting ready to relax after a
long busy day.
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