Thursday, September 22, 2011

Featured Book - Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence is the first book of the Nia Trilogy novel series. An urban classic street lit that foretells a saga of love, passion, hood life, street gangs, sex, violence, money, and power which weaves a web of deception.

Drug Lord, Q, has his eyes on his beautiful stepdaughter, Nia. Nia's beauty and innocence is was what made Q want to draw her into his sinister world of human trafficking. Rachel, Nia’s crack addict mother gets entangled into Q's illegal activities. Rachael witnesses a high profile murder spree; she vanishes with out a trace.

Nia finds the courage to run away and leave the dysfunctional home, but unfortunately she was placed back into the same dilemma by a social services system that failed.

Nia get some support from her high school sweet heart, Clay, but is he really there for her in the long run? Will peer pressure and gun violence ruin Nia and Clay's lives? Will Nia be able to handle these problems that are beyond her age of innocence?

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