Thursday, March 8, 2012

Character Profile - Destiny Williams (Wanting Destiny)

Name:  Destiny Williams

Nick name:  Des


Height:  5’7

Weight:  125

Body Type:  Slender

Zodiac Sign:  Pisces

Character’s Role:  Main Character


Character Traits:  Warm, compassionate, humanitarian, kind hearted, loyal, dependable, friendly, outgoing, organized, humble

Character Flaws: Obsessed with her weight, self conscious, too trusting

Talents:  art, painting, jewelry making, singing

Books Character Appears In:  (Punnani Secrets Series – Wanting Destiny Book 1 and Wanting Destiny Book 2)

Here's a Character Profile link for "Wanting Destiny (Book 1)". This is the profile link to the character Destiny! She is the main character.  Destiny is very ambitious and has a bright future ahead of her! But sometimes she follows her heart and emotions instead of her mind.  Clouded by the hurt from her past she has low self esteem.  Overtime times she will learn to learn to love self.  Once she learns this valuable lesson.  Her life will shine like a shining star. :-)

Wanting Destiny (Sneak Peeks) is available @

Wanting Destiny (Book 1) is coming soon!

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