Sunday, March 25, 2012

Character Profile - Antonio Feleti (Wanting Destiny)

Name:  Antonio Feleti

Nick name:  Ant

Age:  38

Height:  6’0

Weight:  185

Body Type:  Athletic

Zodiac Sign:  Taurus

Character’s Role:  Main Character

Occupation:  Director

Character Traits:  Orderly, loyal, dependable, responsible, professional, business minded, peoples person, 
structured, disciplined, focus, goals oriented, tactful, brave, courageous, humorous, private

Character Flaws: Too serious, secretive, not straight forward

Talents:  cooking and writing

Books Character Appears In:  (Punnani Secrets Series –  Wanting Destiny Book 1  and Wanting Destiny Book 2)

Wanting Destiny (Sneak Peeks) is available @

Wanting Destiny (Book 1) is coming soon!

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