Thursday, February 26, 2015

Notes from Binge /Emotional Eating Disorder V-log

Emotional Eating can be a serious health problem if it is not managed properly.  This week I did a v-log about my binge eating disorder experience and how I  have coped with it (click on video below).    The following are some of the things you can do to overcome it Binge Eating Disorder.

  • Recognize that you an emotional eater -  Often time people who are emotional eaters don’t realize that they are overeating or they are denial that they are over eating.  
  • Figure what causes you to emotionally eat -  Usually people binge eat when they are under a lot of stress, sad, or depressed.  There are many things that can cause a person to binge eat.
  •  Intervention – Replace overeating with something more healthy (healthier lifestyle) such as using daily exercise, eating right, meditation, drawing, painting as an outlet.
If you think you are a binge/emotional eater and have a hard time coping, you may need to seek professional counseling. 

Psychology Today –Eating Disorders and Emotional Eating Test

Emotional Eating- How to Recognize and Stop Emotional Eating
Authors: Melinda Smith, M.A. and Jeanne Segal Ph.D. Last updated: February 2015.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Change - (Career Gain, Losing A Loved One and Emotional Eating)

I’ve been through several changes in my life; some are good while others are not.  One good change is completing my master’s degree in psychology.  For my internship I am working at a local counseling center where I am getting some valuable experience in working in both counseling and in medical billing and coding.  I am learning different techniques when it comes to both individual and group counseling.  I am having the opportunity to teach classes on both anger management and stress.
With my internship I am also learning how to do medical billing and coding and how to process
payments through Medicaid.  I am learning a wealth of information.  Practically every very time I go to the counseling center, I learn something new.  I am also in the process of pursuing my Associate Professional Counseling License (LAPC).
The negative thing that occurred in my life was losing my father.  My father, Dr. Johnnie Swanson died last week and it hit my family and me pretty hard.  He will be greatly missed.  Having these new great beginnings taking place in my life and then having to cope with   death and losing a loved one can be very hard and difficult.  I began to regress started back over eating  again.  But I realized that I have a problem with emotionl eating so I put a stop to it dead in its track.  This week,  I will posting a v- blog about my Emotional eating issues (Binge eating disorder) on  my YouTube channel Kimberly Purpoz.   I will share with you all what I am doing to manage my  binge eating issue. I am determined not to go back my old habits. I want to continue being  healthy and live by my dad's motto "Your Health is your First Wealth".
My dad and I had a very close relationship and he is going to be missed.  I took another term off from school.  But I know that I have to go back stronger than ever when I start back into my PhD program because I have made a promise to my dad that I will continue my education and pursue my dream of becoming a doctor.
I am also a research writer and blogger for U.S. Career Institute.  You read  my article called "When Change Occur in Your Life at  @  Don't forget to check and subscribe to the Kimberly Purpoz Channel @  Till time keep the faith.


Kimberly Purpoz

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Weight Lost Journey

Hello peeps.  I decided to take charge of my health and make a difference in how I live.  Now I have changed the way I eat and include daily exercise into my day to day routine.  Below are some snapshots of my work in progress of losing 25 pounds.  I am currently looking to lose 25-50 more pounds.

After seeing  the progress of my hard  work,  I am really forward to working harder to get my body in top shape.  I am currently on a regiment of  drinking more water, eating more organic foods and having smoothies.  I exercises at least 3 times a weeks doing aerobic and weight training.

Below is the link to my  v-log of  my weight lost journey on the Kimberly Purpoz Channel on Youtube.  Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

More Updates & Welcome Video

Starting a new year has brought in a whole lot of new changes.  Some changes are positive while others are not.  Making a positive change in your life can be a good thing and that is what I am doing.  The major transitions has occurs in my life  and they are:  1. I have completed my masters degree in psychology (Yey!!!!).  2.  I have lost 25 pounds.  3. I am revamping my YouTube channel.  Keep visiting my blog I will keep you posted with more updates.

The picture to the left is an updated selfie for the Kimberly Purpoz Channel.  I decided needed put a more current picture of me. Especially since my hair has grown out.   To the right is a snapshot from recording my welcome to my my channel v-log.    And  you can check out my new intro video below.  I will elaborate more about these changes in my upcoming blog posts till next time.  Keep the faith!:)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Reflection - Random 2014 pics

Now that it is a start to a new years, here are some random Reflection 2014 pics:

I had both joy and laughter in 2014  and I also had some pain and sorrow, but  overall 2014 was a good year for me and my family. Tough but good.  I am looking forward to  an even better year in 2015.
 I had a lot of statistical research classes in 2014.  In 2015  I may take a  mental break from school and later start anew. Lol:)  Who knows?  Perhaps a new career is in the air.
 Below are my 2014 natural  hair styles

Here is one of my favorite nail polish with my purple laptop in the background.

 I lost 20 pounds in 2014.  I still have more to lose.  Here is a pic  of  me starting my transformation along with a straightened hairdo.  I will be posting my weight lost journey on my Kimberly Purpoz Channel on YouTube.

Below is one of my favorite dishes I loved to eat in 2014.  Still is one of my favorites.  Will try to cut back on the carbs for 2015.:)

Below is a pic of the small city where I live.  

I wish you all the best in 2015!!!  Till next time keep the faith!:)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Survey Invitation

Are you an adult between the ages of 18-75?
I am conducting a study for my master’s thesis on the relationship between behavioral modification and the perception of the disabled in completing a 5-minute online survey.
All participation is voluntary and you are not obligated to complete the survey once you start.
If you want to learn more about the results, please e-mail me at

To participate, please click on the link below. You may also copy and paste the link into your browser.

Thank You,

Kimberly Swanson

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Updates and Transitions

What's up peeps!:) I wanted to share some updates on what's going on with me and my life. Have you ever gotten to a point in your life in which you are transitioning? Well that is what I am doing right now.  This is when you are starting bring old tasks or projects to a completion and are beginning to expand and grow into new ones.

Right now my focus is on finishing up graduate school and I will be earning my Masters Degree in Psychology.   I am in the process of building a new solid career. And I will be pursuing my professional counseling license upon completion of my masters degree.

I am reaching a crossroad as to which direction I want to go in my life.  I may be switching universities to transition my career more into occupational therapy  and into the medical field.  My dear son Justin who has cerebral palsy was my inspiration for wanting to  go more into the medical field and learn more about better treatment options for the disabled.

My son Justin

I have to focus on building a life for my family.  I still write on my blogs:  Kimberly PurpozPsychology Essence Blog, and Purpoz Inspiration.   You all can check out my v-logs on the Kimberly Purpoz Channel on YouTube. I am still a research writer and blogger with U.S. Career Institute.

I have had some readers ask me if I am going to release some more books.  And the answer is yes.  I have two books that are almost at completion.  I  will continue to keep you all posted.  I might release some of my shorts stories and I will re-release some samples from some of my upcoming books.  Keep on checking back I will definitely keep you guys posted.  Till next time, keep the faith.

Kimberly Purpoz