Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thoughts - Transitions

August has been a very busy month for me.  I have not posted as much on my blog as I normally do.  But I still have managed to make some time to write.

I have dropped the dead weight in my life and I can now focus more my writing career. I am looking forward to my bright new future as a professional novelist and speaker! 

Kimberly Purpoz 


I have a new urban fantasy that was released in August call Forehadowers:  The Book of Legends (Book 2).  Foreshadowers (Book 2) is now available on and is coming soon to Kindle.  Don't foreget to download your free sample  

I have more books that are in the works and are scheduled for release in the next couple of months.   And there will be some new freebies, give aways, and more promotional discounts coming your way.  Check my blog page for more updates.:-)