Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hair Products for Natural Hair

Going natural with my hair is a new experience for me and I am still learning.  I am sharing with my viewers the products that I use on my natural hair. I just cut off my shoulder length hair in March 2012 to get rid of all of the relaxer that was still left in my hair.   My hair was damaged from constantly putting chemicals in my hair.   I am pretty much starting from scratch and sharing my journey with others. Going natural was not only a physical transformation for me it was also a spiritual healing  journey  as well.

The following is the list of  the hair products that I mentioned in this video:

1.  Creme of Nature Detangling and Conditioning Shampoo (Sunflower & Coconut
2.  Mixed Chicks Shampoo
3. Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner
4. Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner
5. Mixed Chicks Hair Silk
6.  Jergens Ultra Healing lotion

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