Thursday, April 14, 2011

On Purpose with Purpoz

Media Release On Purpose with Purpoz
Award Winning Author changes her pen name to Purpoz. Messenger Group, Inc. Announces

For Immediate Release: April 12, 2011 – Decatur, GA (United States) – Atlanta author, Kimberly Ware changes her pen name to Purpoz. “I changed my pen name because of some major transitions that have occurred in my life. I decided to walk out on faith and to follow my passion for writing.”

Messenger Publishing, Inc (MPI) was established in 1998. MPI is a metro Atlanta book publishing company that publishes books and magazines. Under MPI’s magazine division, Messenger Publications, published Creative Minds Magazine until 2008. Recently MPI expanded its book division, Messenger Books.

In February 2011, Messenger Books Released, “Foreshadowers: The Seeker of Legends,” Purpoz’s first book to her urban fantasy series. And in March 2011, Messenger Books released “Age of Innocence,” Kimberly Purpoz’s first book to her urban fiction series, “The Nia Trilogy.”

Kimberly Purpoz’s books will be featured in April 2011 at The National Black Trade Literary Expo in Michigan. In May 2011, Kimberly Purpoz will have a virtual book tour with the African American Book Club. And in June 2011, Purpoz’s novel, “Age of Innocence” will be exhibited at the National Book Expo in New York in the African American Book Pavilion.

“My new pen name is a play on the word purpose. The letter ‘z’ at the end of my name means ‘zeal’; and ‘Purpoz’ represents power in your purpose. I write my novels based on my dreams and I turn them into books. My slogan wraps it in a nutshell, ‘My Dreams, My Purpoz, and My Books’. I am now making my dreams come true. I am back and I am dedicated to my purpose.”

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