Thursday, June 9, 2011

Purpoz News (June 2011)

Dear Readers,

Summer is here.  Why not read a book during your summer vacation? When new opportunities arise, that is the time to shine and walk out on faith. Sometimes when one door closes in your life, another one opens to bigger and better things.  That’s what I did. Major changes occurred in my life which ultimately created new opportunities to furthering my writing career.  So when a chance of a lifetime offer  comes your way,  don’t run from it, take it,  be proud of it,  and don’t let fear stand in your way.  It is  time for you to shine.  It is time for you to prosper .  It is time for you to prevail.  No the  time is not later or someday.  No the time is now!:-)
Kimberly Purpoz
“My Dreams, My Purpoz, My Books”


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