Monday, July 11, 2011

Foreshadowers: The Book of Legends (Book 2) - Blurb

When Safina Whitewolf goes away to college, she discovers that she has a sister name Joanna.   Safina also learns that she is a Foreshadower and is destined to save the universe. 
Safina was attacked, by evil shadow stalkers sent by Dark Landor’s Army.  Her identity was compromised and the Dark Army is hot on her trail. The Light Army sends a gorgeous shape shifter, Troy Knight, to save her.  Mesmerized by Troy’s heroic charm Safina falls in love.
Will Safina and Troy find the Book of Legends before it gets into the hands of evil?  Join the mystical tale of the foreshadowers, as you enter their realms of adventure.

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