Sunday, July 10, 2011

Purpoz News (July 2011)

Dear Readers,

It is the middle of Summer.  Why not enjoy you vacation with a good book?  Often time when you don't pursue your dreams and aspirations, it is because you believe that it is beyond your reach.   These dreams are often times based on your talent.  My talent is writing.  I decided to go out there and to make it happen.  Sitting dormant is not going to make your dreams a reality.  Sometimes you just have to get up and take charge of your life.  When you base your life on your divine purpose, you can’t go wrong.

Dare to dream and live your life on purpose!  So get up!  What are you waiting for?

Kimberly Purpoz
“My Dreams, My Purpoz, My Books”


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Foreshadowers: the Seeker of Legends (Book 1) is now available for download for $.99. And Foreshadowers:  The Book of Legends (Book 2) is coming soon!  Happy Reading! :-)

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