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How to Make Tough Choices (School, Family, and Work & Career)

By:  Kimberly Swanson, M.S.- Psy, CNA
Often times, we have to make choices that can change or shape the way we go in life.  These decisions are important because it can make you or break you.  From my personal experiences, I found that making good solid decisions can make your life journey run much smoothly.
There are various aspects in your life where choices are constantly being made some of these dynamics can greatly affects your decisions.  The four core factors that affect your choices can be the following:
·                                  School
·                                  Family
·                                 Work
·                                 Career
When it comes to school, there are many options to choose from.  There may be many paths that you can take but it is up to you to figure out which direction you want to go.  For some people, money and financial gain are their reason for going back to school, and for others it may be for new career opportunities.   But for other people going back to school is a personal dream or ambition that they want to accomplish.  Your personal reason for walking out on faith and going back to school may be a mixture of these reasons or something totally different.   Whatever your reasons may be for going to school, it is important to know that you are on the right track.   Knowing your purpose and knowing what your want to do with your life can be your drive for wanting to finish your education.
Another factor in life is family.  Your family can be anyone that is close to you, it can be a friend or a relative.  It is anyone who you include within your inner circle.  Your family is supposed to be your support and backbone.  There are many decisions that have to be made when it comes to your family.  For example, you may have to balance school with family obligations.   Or will your family or friends be supportive of you getting your education and expanding your career options.
Work is another decision factor when it comes to going back to school.  How to juggle work with school is the constant question that I have to continuously ask myself?  You need to study but then again you have to work to keep a roof over your head.   Right now I am constantly trying to constantly trying to find a balance between school and working as a psychotherapist at a local counseling center.  I find that keeping a good regiment and routine has always been very helpful for me.    Setting aside a certain time for each day of the week to work on class assignments for school is also key. 
As a single mom I have to make decision on how I am going to juggle all four aspects (school family, work, and career).  I often times write down a to do list and goal sheet in order to weigh out which decision is a priority and which one  has to sit on the back burner.  When it comes to family, you have to make much tougher decisions.  For example, should I go to my son’s football game or work longer hours at work or at school.  It is a struggle but weighing the good with the bad or seeing things from a much larger prospective can make it a little bit easier to make tougher choices.  Once you have weighed all of your options, then you are ready to make the best decision based according to your circumstances.
Making choices is a constant process that everyone must do throughout their life time. Being able to analyzed, work through it, and learning from past mistakes is the primary is key to being successful.  What are your choices?  Are you making the best decisions in your life?

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