Friday, November 11, 2016

Random Pics - Fall (Nov. 2016)

The following pics are some more random pics for Fall 2016:

The pic on the left is a random snapshot I took right after recording one of my vlogs on the Kimberly Purpoz Channel on Youtube.

The second picture to the right is snapshot me standing outside enjoying the beautiful fall leaves. I took this pic near my new office @ Purpoz Counseling & Wellness Center.  I had to put on a sweater jacket Brrrrrr was starting to get a little chilly outside!!  Lol:)

The pic to the left is one of my old random voting pics. Lol:)  Will be praying for our country, President Obama, and the new upcoming president Trump.  I pray that they all do a good job.  "Love & Unity in God's name we trust"

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