Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When Changes Occur In Your Life

By:  Kimberly Swanson, MS –Psy, CNA

During a person’s entire life time, they can go through countless changes.  Sometimes these transitions are good while other times they are not.  How you cope and adjust to these changes can make a difference as to how well you bounce back.

I been through several changes in my life some are good while other are not.  The good changes are completing my master’s degree in psychology.  For my internship I am working at a local counseling center where I am getting some valuable experience in working in both counseling and in medical billing and coding.  I am learning different techniques when it comes to both individual and group counseling.  I am having the opportunity to teach classes on both anger management and stress. 

With my internship I am also learning how to do medical billing and coding and how to process in processing payments through Medicaid.  I am learning a wealth of information.  Every time I go to the counseling center, I practically learn something new.  I am also in the process of pursing my Licensed Associate Professional Counseling (LAPC).

The negative thing that occurred in my life was losing my father; it hit my family and I pretty hard.  He will be greatly missed.  Having these new great beginnings taking place in my life and then having to cope with   death and losing a loved one can be very hard and difficult.  The following are some of things I have done in order to adjust to these changes:
  • Remain positive
  • Remain clear
  • Keep an eye on the bigger picture
  • Remember your purpose

The first tip is to remain positive.  When you stay positive more positive things tend to come your way.  Negativity can create blockages and make you become more stressed while transitioning.  For example, a change could be that you have lost your job but if you become negative and give up, your will never reach your fullest potential.  But if you remain positive and keep on believing that there is more good things coming your way your will, eventually you will get back on track with your life.

Another tip is to remain clear.  It is important to have clarity and know which route is the best path for you to follow.  Change can sometimes make you go on a tangent when you don’t have clarity.  You may start on frivolous activities that can pull you away from your purpose. 

Even when things are not going your way, you should keep an eye on the bigger picture.  When my father died this past week, it felt like my world was turned upside down.  We had a really close relationship and he is going to be missed.  I took another term off from school.  But I know that I have to go back stronger than ever when I start back into my PhD program.  Because I have made a promise to my dad that I will continue my education and pursue my dream of becoming doctor.

Looking at the bigger picture of your predicament helps you to remember your purpose. It allows you to take your life changes in stride rather it’s good or bad.  It enables you to live your life with true meaning, a destiny, and yes a purpose. 

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