Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekly Announcements and Updates

Age of Innocence
"Age of Innocence"  will be exhibited in the The American Book Expo at the African American Pavillion in New York.

I am working on two trailers for my urban fantasy, "Foreshadowers".  The first trailer will be for the entire book series and the second one is for first book in the series, "Foreshadowers:  The Seeker of Legends".

Upcoming Books
I have completed two books and they are:  "Purpose Lies Within:  A Motivational Book for the Heart and Soul" and "Foreshadowers:  And the Book of Legends" (Book 2).  My motivational book and the second book to the Foreshadowers series are being edited by my editor.  I will keep you all posted.

Writing Projects
I am currently working on four manuscripts.  My urban fiction the second book to the Nia Trilogy has 30,100 words,  my paranormal romance is 22,324 words, my contemporary romance is 620 words, and I just started on Foreshadowers (Book 3). 

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